Carriage Bolts

Carriage Bolt have smooth rounded head and Square section Followed with threaded Section Comoomly used fasten metal to wood or in wood Works.

HEX Bolts

A Hex Bolt Consist of six sided head with full and partially threaded to its shank.

Sqaure Head Bolts

Square Head Bolts are similar to Hex bolt but have  4-sided head which gives much more grip than Hex Bolt.

J Bolts

As Name Describe the J bolt are as of alphabet “J”  with partially threading for nut to be attached. 

U Bolts

As Name Describe the U bolt area as of alphabet “U” with two straight Sections are threading for nut to be attached. A metal plate with two holes is used with nut to hold the objects with u Bolt.

Stud Bolts

Bolt with threads on both ends or fully threaded designed to tighter with Nut.